GSoC Proposal: Support for Kubernetes Service Discovery(en)


While using ShenYu, I found errors in the documentation of the registry component and submitted an Issue. Through communication with the community developers and reading the source code, I confirmed the issue and submitted a PR to fix it. This gave me great confidence in applying for this project.

This application mainly involves the architecture of the Apache ShenYu registry center, how to register microservices deployed in Kubernetes to ShenYu (overall solution design, code details), achievements, time plan, commitments, etc.

In GSoC 2023, I only submitted a proposal to ShenYu.

GSoC Proposal: Support for Kubernetes Service Discovery(zh-CN)


在使用 ShenYu 的时候,我发现注册中心部分的文档有误,提交了 Issue 。通过和社区开发者的交流,以及阅读源码,我确认了问题并提交了 PR 以修复。这给了我极大的申请本项目的信心。

本申请书主要涉及:Apache ShenYu 注册中心的架构;如何将部署在 Kubernetes 中的微服务注册到 ShenYu(整体方案设计、代码细节);成果、时间计划、承诺等。




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